Episode 24 Net Neutrality!

The Net Neutrality Show


What is Net Neutrality?  Is the hype true?  Is the internet about to change forever and you won't be able to watch netflix any more?  We talk with an Internet professions (hint -- it's me) about the reality behind the proposed changes by the Trump administrations.

We'll also talk the new Gary Johnson movie that is raising money on Indygogo.  

We'll talk about the Sufi massacre in Egypt

And we'll talk about whatever you want when you call in at 617.266.6868
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Episode 23 Hate Has No Home Here

hhnhh-blog-header.jpgRichard Tisei, past candidate for Congress in MA6 said on the campaign trail that he had had more hate speech directed towards him as a Republican in Massachusetts than as a gay man.
How many people who put up "Hate Has No Home Here" signs really practice what they preach? We'll talk with Justin O'Donnell, who was assaulted at the "Resist Marxism" rally on the Boston Common today by alleged antifa members because he was carrying a rainbow (LGBT Colors) Gadsen flag.
We'll also discuss the tax plan that the GOP passed in the House and what it means to Massachusetts if you can no longer deduct your state and local taxes.
We'll talk a little bit about gun control in light of the 2 shootings last week -- particularly the troubling one in California where the shooter should have been in jail.
We'll also talk about what we're thankful for as we come up to Thanksgiving.
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The Election show!

We talk about the election process with Adam Friedman, from Voter Choice, as well as several candidate running throughout New England

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The Free Market and "Ask Antifa"

Tonight on our show we're going to talk about the Free Market and the state of it in the United States.  We'll also have a guest host, Shane Hall.  Shane is a rapper and will be explaining the antifa positions.  We will have a calm and polite discussion about the differences between the anarcho-capitalist, minarchists and antifa positions.  Please call in at 617.266.6868 or text us at 680680

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Even Freer Speech! And LOTA Celebrates 10!



In the wake of the Boston Common Free Speech Rally we'll be talking with several people who were on the Common as well as slated speaker Samson Racioppi, who is also running for Congress in the 6th District in Massachusetts.

Some of our topics:  Where does your right to free speech end?  Libel?  Perjury?  Yelling Fire in a Theater?  What about indicating your support for genocide?

And then we celebrate 10 weeks on the air!!!

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Charlottesville and Free Speech

Based on the happenings in Charlottesville we have decide to spend the hour talking about Free Speech and ask if you have to tolerate intolerance.  We'll talk about the Presidents refusal to call White Supremacist terrorism what it is, and about the most difficult question of all -- how do you agree that someone has the right to free speech, but worry that what they say may be so hateful that it will cause violence?


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8: Law and Order

Law and Order

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Convicted of Selling Bitcoin?

Randall Lord, a retired chiropractor and former candidate for US Congress from Shreveport LA, is about to begin his 46 month prison sentence. His crime? Accepting currency, money orders, and moneypaks, and exchanging those funds for bitcoin, a decentralized form of electronic or digital currency, existing entirely on the Internet and not in any physical form. We talk to Lord himself about his case, and give away bitcoin to callers who can correctly answer our liberty trivia questions!

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Surveillance, Privacy, Liberty, Ian Jackson and Adam Kokesh!

Come join us live on the air with the Bad Boy of Liberty himself, Adam Kokesh!

If you have been involved with the liberty movement then you already know who Adam is. For the newcomers, Adam is a US Marine who challenged the war in Iraq early on. He is an accomplished activist and writer as well as a possible contender for the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2020 running on a platform of organized dissolution of the federal government.

In our first segment we'll be talking about Surveillance, Privacy and Liberty and the relationship between the three.

In our second segment...

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Episode 5 -- Tolerance

Tolerance is critical to Liberty.  If you and 20 of your friends don't tolerate my freedom of speech, I don't really have it?  On tonight's show we talk about the fact that tolerance isn't putting up with things that you like, but tolerating the things that you don't.

Our special guest tonight is Keshia Thomas.  Ms. Thomas was in one of Life Magazine's picture of the year in 1996, when she used her body to shield a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan from a beating by a hostile crowd.  

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