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Dan Fishman is the host of Liberty on the Air.  In addition to being a software engineer who has worked in the red hot Boston start-up market since 1999, Dan is also the political Director for the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts.  In 2012, Dan, frustrated by the suspension of habeas corpus in the National Defense Authorization Act, decided to run for US Congress against 9 term incumbent John Tierney, and 20 year member of the Massachusetts legislature, Richard Tisei.  In the end the margin of victory was only 4000 votes, and Dan's 17000 votes represented an awakening of a liberty movement on the North Shore. During the campaign, Dan was invited to every major debate and he earned a glowing editorials from the media for his performances.  Dan has since become a regular speaker at liberty events such as the Freedom Rally in Boston and the Freedom Forum in New Hampshire.

Dan served as the North East director for the Johnson/Weld Presidential campaign in 2016

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