We kick off July with a discussion of how the best of all possible intentions in government lead to a mountain of college debt being piled on today's youth.

And chances are pretty good you've heard about the big scandal swirling inside the Young Americans for Liberty group.  The scandal has everything a salacious news junkie could want - money, deception and young coed.  We'll have a revelatory interview with Kristen Jones who is going to blow the top off a scandal that will have repercussions throughout the liberty movement.

As always we'll be on the air live at 11pm on Saturday (eastern) or you can listen to us over the internet using the WRKO app. And of course we'll be taking calls at 617.266.6868 and text messages at 680680

FB_IMG_1498847766273.jpgKristen Jones is a 27 year old masters student at Ohio state. She started her political activism in 2008 with the Ron Paul primary campaign. Since then, she's worked on 20+ liberty campaigns including Ron Paul again in 2012, Gary Johnson in 2016 and many local and state campaigns. Her passion is bringing the free market to environmental issues. She's an active member of her state libertarian party and volunteers for the Feldman Foundation running social media campaigns for candidates. 


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