Episode 4: Taxes and the Real Diehl

Elizabeth Warren famously said "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own."  She said this as a precursor to justifying a progressive tax system.

Massachusetts residents will be voting on a change to the state Constitution which forbids a progressive tax rate, to allow the so called "Millionaires" tax, that would charge Massachusetts 4% additional income tax on earnings over $1m.

We will be discussing this and the philosophy behind income tax in the first half of out show.  In the second half we'll be talking with GOP Candidate for Senate Geoff Diehl, Elizabeth Warren's potential opponent and a man who has saved people in the commonwealth literally billions of dollars in the last 6 years.

Does income tax violate the idea of self ownership?  Is there a situation in which someone should have a right to money you earned that preempts your rights?

What are the differences between a regressive, flat and progressive tax?

Is a sales tax truly voluntary?  Are property taxes justified?

We discuss all this and more tonight, July 8th at 11pm on Liberty on the Air AM680 WRKO The Talk of Boston

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