Surveillance, Privacy, Liberty, Ian Jackson and Adam Kokesh!

Come join us live on the air with the Bad Boy of Liberty himself, Adam Kokesh!

If you have been involved with the liberty movement then you already know who Adam is. For the newcomers, Adam is a US Marine who challenged the war in Iraq early on. He is an accomplished activist and writer as well as a possible contender for the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2020 running on a platform of organized dissolution of the federal government.

In our first segment we'll be talking about Surveillance, Privacy and Liberty and the relationship between the three.

In our second segment...

In our second segment we'll talk to Green Party candidate Ian Jackson who is running in the only non-Democrat running in a special election next Tuesday for State Senate. One of Ian's core issues is fighting against eminent domain.

Our 3rd segment is all Adam!

The conversation is guranteed to be lively. Come be a part of it!

Call in at 617-266-6868 or text question to 680680

This Saturday at 11pm EST on WRKO 680 AM and also available on WRKO's application (iPhone and Android compatable)

More information on Adam Kokesh

More information on Ian Jackson

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