Episode 23 Hate Has No Home Here

hhnhh-blog-header.jpgRichard Tisei, past candidate for Congress in MA6 said on the campaign trail that he had had more hate speech directed towards him as a Republican in Massachusetts than as a gay man.
How many people who put up "Hate Has No Home Here" signs really practice what they preach? We'll talk with Justin O'Donnell, who was assaulted at the "Resist Marxism" rally on the Boston Common today by alleged antifa members because he was carrying a rainbow (LGBT Colors) Gadsen flag.
We'll also discuss the tax plan that the GOP passed in the House and what it means to Massachusetts if you can no longer deduct your state and local taxes.
We'll talk a little bit about gun control in light of the 2 shootings last week -- particularly the troubling one in California where the shooter should have been in jail.
We'll also talk about what we're thankful for as we come up to Thanksgiving.
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